Our terrace

To the front of the hotel, facing the city, you’ll find our terrace lab. This former laboratory was used for research into the brewing process and for quality checks at each stage of production. Now it’s your space to spend time outside, people watch, eat and drink.

Our food and drink

About our terrace lab

Whether in summer or in winter, relax by sitting out in the fresh air. Watch the fascinating goings-on at the hotel entrance. Enjoy a leisurely chilled cocktail or a hot cup of tea. You’re warmly invited to enjoy the view for a while, whenever the weather is good.

Comfort is guaranteed, especially in the stylish lounge area. Our terrace may not be very big, but that just makes the warm summer evenings in good company and the icy winter mornings with hot coffee all the more memorable.

Delicious salad at the B2 Hotel Zurich

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