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Our library, with its 33,000 books and beer-bottle chandeliers is not just a restaurant or bar, but a meeting place. In the morning for breakfast. For a business lunch. For coffee and cake. For a date night. Or simply for a glass of wine from our collection of rarities.

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About our library

Our library is located at the heart of the B2 hotel, opening onto the coworking space. The tall windows hint at the industrial history of the room. Nowadays, the space is used for eating, drinking, talking, laughing, and reading – simply living. We source our products within a 250km radius. We’re convinced of the quality.

We don’t just have menus for you to read; we also have 33,000 books. As you might expect from a library, the books are there to be read. The comfortable Diesel armchairs and the crackling fireplace are the perfect setting for this.

À la carte - B2 Hotel

À la carte

At lunch and dinner we celebrate conscious enjoyment, with our honest and unpretentious food. The best seasonal and local products play the leading role in our novel. It’s always worth a look at our cheese selection and the rare wines cabinet.

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Room Service - B2 Hotel

Room Service

Would you prefer some peace and quiet? Or is the room just too cosy to leave? We’ll deliver right to your room. 24/7.

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