Work together

You can find all types of people in a coworking space: At the desk with noise-cancelling headphones, focused on the laptop, phone hidden away in the rucksack, water bottle in reach. With a matcha latte next to the armchair, laptop on the knees, gazing into the distance, tuned in to all the goings on. At the community table, deep in conversation, notebook open, coffee’s gone cold. Which one are you?

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Remote office with extras

In the autumn of 2022, the new coworking space was installed where our lobby used to be. During the day our workspaces let you work hard, whether in the company of others at the long wooden table, or undisturbed in the comfy armchairs. All the essentials are available: Power sockets always in reach, great coffee (and tea), energising snacks, and inspirational people and atmosphere.

Here, adjacent to the library, our history as a former brewery is just as visible in the interior design. The lofty hall is transformed into an inspiring workspace with timeless furniture style, functional design and comfortable fabrics. In the evening things liven up. Coffee becomes wine and the record player is ready to go. Music lovers, bring your records along!

Laptop on a table in the coworking space at the B2 Hotel in Zurich

Best seats in the house

Our Guest Ambassadors are your point of contact in the coworking space. We’re not only here to serve you food and drink. Writer’s block or just lacking motivation? It helps to talk about it. That’s what communities are for. We share our remote office with you 24/7.

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